Why Is L’Attitude34° Greenville Right For You?

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Let’s compare renting a 2–5 bedroom home in L’Attitude34 Greenville with purchasing a house, or renting an apartment or house from a landlord.

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Benefits of Choosing L’Attitude34° Greenville

No Maintenance Responsibilities.

Unlike homeowners, you won’t be responsible for major maintenance or repair costs, making it a hassle-free living arrangement.

Privacy and Space.

L’Attitude34° Greenville homes provide more privacy and space compared to apartment living and cramped homes in crowded neighborhoods. No shared walls, noisy upstairs neighbors, or messy neighbors who don’t take care of their lawns!

Cash Flexibility.

No need for property insurance allowing you to freedom to invest your money in other ventures. Only renter’s insurance is required to cover your belongings.

Predictable Monthly Costs.

You’ll never have to guess your monthly expenses, whereas homeownership comes with potential fluctuations in mortgage rates, insurance costs, and property taxes.

Minimal Home Improvement Expenses.

Homeowners often invest in home improvements to maintain or increase property value. At L’Attitude34° Greenville, we take care of these expenses for you!

Less Financial Commitment.

Avoid the long-term financial commitment and responsibility associated with homeownership, such as property taxes and mortgage payments. You’ll have a lower upfront investment compared to purchasing a house, which involves a down payment, closing costs, and other expenses.

Pet Friendly Homes.

Pet-friendly rental homes prioritize the comfort and safety of your furry friends alongside your own. These properties typically feature durable materials, secure spaces, and amenities tailored for pets. Choosing a pet-friendly rental ensures peace of mind for both the pet owner and the beloved companion.